Mopria Alliance developed a number of specifications creating a simple and seamless way to print or scan to any Mopria certified printer, multi-function printer, or scanner. Our work eliminated the need to install any additional software or drivers allowing you to easily print or scan regardless of the printer or scanner’s brand.

Mopria BLE Advertising Specification

This specification makes it possible for Mopria certified devices to leverage Bluetooth® Low Energy Advertising format with print/scan clients and printers/scanners. It provides proximity-aware capabilities to enhance the use of the Mopria Print Service and Mopria Scan apps.

Mopria Cloud Print Specification

The specification easily connects physical devices to software clients across different networks using Cloud technology. This specification allows print device registration to a Cloud service, refinements in the discovery API, and multi-cloud support enabling rich integrated workflows.

Mopria Print Specification

Our Print Specification makes printing to our members' print/scan and multi-function printers easy regardless across the biggest operating systems. The Alliance leveraged existing technologies and specified how they work should together to simplify printing.

Mopria eSCL Specification

The eSCL specification defines the interfaces, data types, and overall behavioral model for driving a scanner engine from various classes of clients: Software, Cloud Services, Mobile Devices, Embedded Web Server (EWS).

Compliance with the Mopria eSCL specification allows millions of Mopria certified multi-function printers and scanners to work with personal computing and mobile platforms. The specification is publicly available to enable companies to implement and support eSCL.

This specification is available for free download.

Mopria Scan Specification

To create a comprehensive and interoperable scan solution, the Alliance uses the Mopria eSCL specification and a variety of other technologies to make scanners of all types and scan clients work seamlessly. Both the Mopria eSCL and Scan specifications are required to certify a product with scanning capabilities.

Mopria Certification

The Alliance has several specifications to certify its members' products and solutions. If you are interested in having your product Mopria certified, please review the Mopria certification benefits and program details. Only Mopria Alliance members may certify their devices and we welcome participation from all organizations. Learn more about our membership benefits and how to join the Mopria Alliance.


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