Alliance FAQ

Mopria Alliance FAQ

About Mopria Alliance

The Mopria Alliance is a non-profit organization formed and supported by leading global technology companies with the goal of providing universal standards for print and scan. The Alliance developed the Mopria mark so users will only need to look for this designation to know that their devices are ready to print from and scan to any modern device.

The Mopria Alliance was formed to advance modern printing and scanning from both mobile and traditional computing devices by creating standards that enable print and scan to be universally compatible and consistently easy for users.

The Mopria Alliance is a Delaware non-profit membership corporation and operates as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation advancing the common business interest of promoting simple, convenient, widespread use printing and scanning by removing lack of interoperability and confusion in the market—all benefitting the end user.

Representatives from member organizations may serve on the Board of Directors, the Steering Committee and the three primary working groups: Technical, Certification and Marketing (depending upon membership level).

The founding members of the Mopria Alliance are Canon, HP, Samsung, and Xerox.

Founded in 2013, by Canon, HP, Samsung, and Xerox, the Mopria Alliance is represented by leading companies in the worldwide printer and scanner business. In addition to the founding companies, the Mopria Alliance today includes Adobe, Brother, Epson, Fiery, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp., Lexmark, Katun Corporation, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Microsoft, OKI, Pantum, PaperCut, Primax, Qualcomm, Ricoh, Riso Kagaku Corporation, Toshiba, Vivo, and Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd.

The Mopria Alliance is interested in any company that shares our vision to develop standards and technology around modern printing and scanning to join the Alliance. Such companies include:
-Phone and tablet manufacturers
-PC, laptop and notebook manufacturers
-Printer, MFP and scanner manufacturers
-OS providers
-App developers
-Cloud print providers
-Enterprise workflow providers
-Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Mobility Management providers
-Cellular carriers

The Mopria Alliance Steering Committee addresses the daily affairs of the Alliance and provides oversight and direction to the Technical, Certification and Marketing Working Groups: Technical, Certification, and Marketing.

The Technical Working Group selects and develops technologies that enable the Mopria Alliance vision of interoperability (all apps, any device, any OS, any printer/scanner/MFP).

The Certification Working Group develops testing and compliance policies and interoperability requirements.

The Marketing Working Group builds equity in the Mopria brand, supports member communications around Mopria certified products, provides customer insights and provides product marketing support to the Mopria Alliance.

Mopria Standards

The Mopria set of standards are designed to make printing and scanning from any computing device easy – from a traditional PC to a mobile phone – print and scan just work. End-users just need to look for the Mopria mark to know that they can instantly and easily print without any additional setup or worry.

The standards offer the following benefits to consumers/business customers:

-Easily print or scan whenever and wherever you want
-No set up required – devices are print and scan ready the moment you start using them
-Enhances the functionality of smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops


The Mopria Alliance provides universal standards and solutions for print and scan. The Mopria Alliance selects, develops and promotes print and scan technologies that work with modern operating systems, computing devices, and printers, MFPs and scanners from any vendor. Members not only receive access to the print and scan specifications, but they actually have a significant influence over the specification process and over Mopria technology designed to work with the devices that follow the specifications.

Member companies also gain the right to use the Mopria logo to indicate print and scan device certification and to promote their brands and solutions as being Mopria certified.

The Alliance currently offers four levels of membership, with a variety of benefits, privileges and annual dues designed to match each organization's interests. The membership classes and corresponding annual dues are: Executive Member ($50,000), additional $75,000 in the case of Board representation (Seated Executive Member), Adopter Member ($30,000) and Software Supporter ($10,000).

Please see the detailed list of Member Benefits. All members will have access to the Mopria Alliance published specifications. All members have access to certification and use of the Alliance trademarks. Executive and Seated Executive members may nominate a representative to the Board, have voting rights and can participate in and chair any of the Working Groups.

The Mopria Alliance bylaws allows for any organization interested in using or participating in the selection and development of standards are welcome to join at the Executive, Adopter and Software Supporter levels.

The Mopria Alliance encourages all member companies to participate actively. To gain the most value, join the groups working in the topic areas that are important to your company. The Alliance holds regular member meetings and the Working Groups meet at least twice monthly. Executive and Seated Executive members are asked to take a leading role, which may range from Working Group leadership to reviewing and commenting on materials. Each member is also asked to promote Mopria and the Mopria standards in their specific company, product communications and websites.

The Alliance creates opportunities for members to showcase products and services in programs such as links from the Mopria website to member sites, the Mopria Blog, social media and mentions in press releases as appropriate to our non-profit status. The Alliance also publishes research, thought leadership articles and industry information relating to print, scan and adjacent industries and each member is invited to share such publications throughout their company.

Review the governing documents and benefits for different the membership levels. Complete and sign the Membership Agreement and submit along with the online application. Applications for membership levels will be granted upon receipt of a completed application form, signed agreement to the IPR policy, and payment.