Developer FAQs
Member Companies

We anticipate our membership to quickly encompass the leading mobile device providers and print hardware manufacturers along with the leading OS providers. Along with support from software application providers, the membership in Mopria Alliance will reflect the whole ecosystem of players providing end-to-end mobile technology experiences for consumers and businesses.

Founding Members

“We believe that providing a consistent and intuitive experience across all devices will open new doors for mobile printing. The Mopria Alliance print standard was developed to overcome today's limitations to printing from mobile devices.”
– Akiyoshi Kimura, Director and Chief Executive, Office Imaging Products Operations, Canon

“As manufacturers begin to implement a unified printing standard, customers will discover an entirely new way to print from their mobile devices – all without added set up procedures or app downloads.”
– Emily Ketchen, ‎Vice President Marketing, PPS Worldwide Integrated Marketing & Communications, Hewlett-Packard

“The lack of easy print solutions has limited the usage of features and applications in mobile devices. The Mopria Alliance will open up the opportunity for innovative and convenient mobile printing and as well as the use of mobile devices.”
– Sungho Choi, Vice President, Standards & Technology Enabling, Samsung

“Users don’t want to think about how to print they just know they need access to print. The Mopria Alliance is making that simplicity a reality. In addition, we believe the workflow improvements of mobile printing, when done right, will have an incredibly powerful impact on how work gets done. The Mopria Alliance is making that real.”
– Karl Dueland, Vice President, Solutions Delivery Unit, Xerox

Executive & Board Members

Executive Members