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Mopria Alliance: Membership

What are the Benefits of Membership

Access • Insight • Influence • Materials • Support

Members receive many benefits, and the Alliance welcomes participation from all organizations – mobile providers, printer manufacturers, software developers, OS providers – to further the mission of the Mopria Alliance. Depending upon the membership level, benefits may include:

  • Access and insight to the future – find out what industry leaders are doing and planning
  • Participation in multiple annual member meetings, as well as international sessions and symposiums
  • Access to documents and materials regarding certification programs, testing, and specifications
  • Networking with the largest community of mobile print solutions providers in the world
  • Gain broad cross-brand compatibility of your software, mobile or print device
  • Promote customer adoption and usage of mobile devices and software by enhancing functionality
  • Stay on the leading edge of technology development
  • Support from leading technology companies, test tools, and certification processes
  • An online profile with contact information for your organization
  • Access to member-only resources
  • Access to proprietary imagery and branding materials

The Alliance has three classes of membership. Each offers a variety of benefits, privileges and annual dues designed to match each organization's interests and market requirements.


Membership level designed for companies interested in providing comments to the Mopria standards and access to final specifications. Membership includes:

  • Access to Members Area website
  • Submit suggestions on Draft and Final Specifications, sample code and other deliverables via website
  • Access to Final Specifications, sample code and other deliverables
  • Access to certification process in order to certify devices
  • Use of the Mopria Alliance trademarks
  • Utilize user group and on-line support; receive development support
  • Participate and appear in press releases
  • Upon invitation, participate (but not vote) in Working Groups and receive Member communications
  • Fee for product certification
  • Annual membership fee: $30,000

Note: Software Application Developers do not need to join the Mopria Alliance to access the Mopria API, SDK and support, click here for details. We do welcome Software Companies to join as members to contribute to the Mopria Alliance development and marketing efforts.

Executive Members

Full access designed for companies interested in contributing to the selection and development of standards behind the Mopria mark. Participation in Alliance programs is required or members may opt-out of participation for a fee. In addition to all entitlements of General Member, benefits include:

  • Nominate representative to stand for election to the Board
  • Participate and vote in Working Groups
  • As part of participation to Working Group, access to Draft Specifications before review period
  • Review analytics and operating budget
  • Annual membership fee: $50,000

Founders and Seated Executive Members

Complete access with automatic and a permanent right to appoint a representative to seat on the Board. In addition to all entitlements of Executive Members, benefits include:

  • Through Board Action:
    • Chair Working Groups
    • Approve Final Specifications
    • Approve operating budgets and appoint the Executive Director
    • Set-up and approve certification process and requirements
    • Authorize use of Mopria Alliance Trademarks
  • Appoint representative and alternative to Steering Committee
  • Approve and give interviews on behalf of the Alliance
  • Annual membership fee: $125,000